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To test your EPUB files to FlightDeck, you will need to purchase a subscription. You can process a single title as many times as you need to in order to resolve its issues. Every test includes:

 Complete Validation and Best Practices Information

 Retailer Acceptance Grid

 Statistics and Helpful Data

 Metadata Editor

 Downloadable PDF Reports

 Additional information, examples, and resources in the FlightDeck Handbook


5 titles per month

$3.00 per title

(charged monthly)

25 titles per month

$1.60 per title

(charged monthly)



Payments are made by credit card using Stripe.

NOTE: All subscriptions automatically renew on the day of the month of the original purchase. To avoid being automatically charged for a new month, you must cancel your subscription before the renewal date.

What if I only want to process one book, and I don't need a monthly subscription?
You can subscribe to the 5-titles subscription, load your EPUB, then cancel your subscription with a single click, right from this Pricing page. The book you tested will continue to be in your account unless you delete it, and you are also able to continue re-uploading that same book to test changes you make, even without an active subscription.

If you have a larger volume and would like to discuss a bulk subscription to FlightDeck, please contact us. We are also happy to discuss options for API development and integration.