Frequently Asked Questions

Are you planning to create an offline/desktop version of FlightDeck?

We are not currently planning to create an offline/desktop version of FlightDeck. That would require us to split the code base quite a bit and would not allow us to push out bug fixes and new features as easily as we can in a web-based system. However, we are open to the idea and welcome feedback from users about that.

Are my EPUB files secure?

Yes! Firebrand has been a trusted name in the publishing industry for over 25 years, and we take the security of your intellectual property very seriously. All of the EPUB files that are uploaded to FlightDeck are uploaded using SSL encryption and are stored securely on our cloud servers. Your files are only accessible through your account and to our lead developer, Derek, for debugging issues. You can delete any file at any time. If you have any further questions about this, please contact us.

What does FlightDeck cost?

Please see our Pricing Page.

I represent a large company with many EPUB files to validate. Do you have an API or batch process?

We are happy to discuss API and batch options with you. Please contact us to set up a time to talk.

I am having trouble loading files in Internet Explorer 8.

We do try to support older browsers in some cases, but that is often just not possible because of security and feature support limitations. Please use an up-to-date version of a modern browser (Chrome is recommended) for best results.

My receipt email did not come through.

You might want to check your spam folder for the email, or add to your whitelist. However, we are also happy to send you a receipt through other methods, so please feel free to contact us.

I got a Processing Errors message. What does that mean?

This message means that your file encountered a fatal error that kept it from being processed. We immediately get a report of these errors directly from the system; we will look into what happened and let you know when the problem is fixed. Also, please note that the number of remaining titles in your monthly subscription will not be affected by this file.

How are your credit card charges handled securely?

FlightDeck uses Stripe for credit card processing. Stripe processes billions of dollars a year for thousands of businesses, from newly-launched start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Their system allows us to offer credit card processing without collecting or storing your payment information on our own servers, giving you an added layer of security. For more information on Stripe's security, please see their website.

What is the time commitment for a subscription? Does it auto-renew?

FlightDeck subscriptions are monthly and are automatically renewed on the same day of the month as your original signup. You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time on the Pricing page. There is no minimum subscription period.

How can I change the email address I use to log in?

This is one thing FlightDeck does not allow. If you need to use a different email address, you can cancel your current subscription and subscribe again using the new email address. All your existing files will still be tied to the old email address.

We recommend using a role-based email address if possible, such as, so the email will not need to be changed.